Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Don't Deny Global Warming - Ben & Jerry's Iced Teazers

I know. I'm a lousy blogger. I go months without posting, and then come back as if nothing happened. Sorry about that, but moving on...
If you were in the vicinity of a Ben & Jerry's this July 29th, you could've tried the company's new Iced TeaZers--basically ice-cold lemonade drinks with white tea, ginger, and hibiscus chucked in for additional awesomeness--for only 99 cents! (Relation to previous post completely accidental, but convenient!) Incidentally, I grew up with B&J's and still wonder how such great ice cream could originate so far from the beach--Vermont's summers weren't Arctic, no, but they weren't hot either. If you wanted to cool off, you basically had to get mom to drive you half a million miles to some scummy pond with a rock to jump off of. Swimming there required major cajones because you knew once you got out again you'd have to spend ten minutes convincing a leech to kiss your foot goodbye (this actually happened to my brother). Actually, that might be WHY we made great ice cream in VT; there are few alternatives. That, and our cows own.