Monday, September 24, 2007

After-Dinner Awesome - Green Tea Mints

Imagine a perfect world -- Bush impeached, root beer flavored Pez, and green tea Altoids. Fortunately, at least one out of the three isn't hopeless; Sencha Naturals put out these cute leaf-shaped lozenges infused with jasmine, and apparently just three of them give you the benefits of a steaming cup. But come on people, he's our president after all...we're responsible for this...

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Pocket Healthy - The Sencha Shot

Say you're going for a ride. A bus ride. a no-legroom, snoring-Homer-Simpson-double-next-to-you, dead-iPod-battery ride. How about packing a shot--a Sencha Shot? Packed with 152 mgs of catechin antioxidants, this thing seriously fits in your iPod case. It's tiny. And I don't know how they do it, but I could even detect hints of toasted rice.

Pop-culture Cupcakes - Just Don't Eat 'em

Taking a breather from our 3-beverage brawl, we explore a topic only marginally related to a tea-suited dessert. Enter Johnny Cupcakes, a chic clothing store on Boston's hot Newbury Street, and its sweet gear. In witty illustrations plastered over everything from sleek belts to bling to reversible hoodies, cupcakes are given a street-smart edge. Even Johnny's whimsical website, where clothing sizes are listed as 'Nutrition Information', is designed to appeal to the Ipodist urbane.I just wish they still had the skateboard deck in stock.