Thursday, May 29, 2008

Green Tea Pastries

I've just found out what Opera Cake is. If that's a shocker, then consider I've also only just now found out that people make it with Matcha green tea. Coffee, almonds, and chocolate ganache are perfect for each other, and that's the basis of the Opera Cake as I understand it--however, I have to say that infusing something with Matcha, no matter what it is, has the minor side effect of making that creation instantly awesome.
Cereal, for example. Or donuts. Or heck, ice cream. You can't really go wrong with Matcha powder.

Note: that Green Tea Donut image is courtesy of Stephen's Blog. It's a good one, go check it out, especially if you love the concept of Japan as much as yours truly. The cake, of course, is from Canelle et Vanille. Thank you!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Yet More Canned Tea! - Froid Organic Drinks

I have to say I spent a while choosing Froid's Organic Creamy Chai Tea (right, the yellow one) over some run-of-the-mill organic mango-orange seltzer for my lunchtime elixer. First of all, as you can imagine I'm a bit disenchanted with canned teas by now, and second of all I was sure (somehow) it would be too sweet for me. Eventually, though, investigative instincts won out. And I'm sad to say my hunch was at least partially correct.
It was basically chocolate milk with a tinge of spices--and don't get me wrong, I can drink cartons of that stuff when I'm skateboarding--but too milky and, in fact, mild for me to feel the magic of true chai within. Still, if you want something both USDA Organic and yummy to wash down that peanut-butter-and-banana sandwich, go for it.