Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tea for Breakfast - Optimum Rebound Cereal

Forget Froot Loops! Banana chips, almonds, and Matcha green tea--all USDA Organic, I might add--make Optimum Rebound by Nature's Path anything but run-of-the-mill granola. (Sorry about that!) Puns aside, the banana makes for a quaint sweetness, not too strong, while crunch and chew is provided by the tried-and-true nuts and raisins. And then there's the puffed Kamut, which apart from having a way awesomer name than every other grain in existence, tastes better than the rest too. Add it all up, and then top it off with organic green tea. Why don't they make more cereals like this?

PS. Best enjoyed with Silk Soymilk, trust me. I would know!

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Cakespy said...

This one does sound pretty good! Was it rather filling?