Monday, September 24, 2007

After-Dinner Awesome - Green Tea Mints

Imagine a perfect world -- Bush impeached, root beer flavored Pez, and green tea Altoids. Fortunately, at least one out of the three isn't hopeless; Sencha Naturals put out these cute leaf-shaped lozenges infused with jasmine, and apparently just three of them give you the benefits of a steaming cup. But come on people, he's our president after all...we're responsible for this...


Laura said...

You know what's a good substitute for rootbeer pez? Rootbeer flavored bottle caps (it's a candy). Have you ever tried them?

Laura said...

Hey GT-
Have you tried xingtea's Green Tea with pomegranate & honey?
Very good!!

You've inspired me to try a new kind of tea every time I go grocery shopping. Quite fun!