Sunday, October 14, 2007

For the Tea-Time Zone - Traveler's Tins

The Republic of Tea might package their yummy blends in cans, but don't fret; they're just an efficient way to package circular bags. But they also make Traveler's Tins--sleek six-packs of tea bags just right for a jean jacket pocket and only about $4 a pop. As for blends, they're all great, but I recommend the soothing Dancing Leaves green tea.

Since there's room, I'd like to share a travel-related tea anecdote. Once I was sitting next to my brother on a coast-to-coast flight, and I'd swiped some Orange Pekoe from last night's hotel or something. I asked the flight attendant for hot water, all right, and I took the tea out of the wrapper. Then--get this--my brother took the teensy weensy Orange Pekoe wrapper, and folded it into an origami crane. AWESOME. I still have it in my wallet somewhere.

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