Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tonic Tea - Organic India

Is it any surprise that India--birthplace of yoga and, in a sense, vegetarianism--takes health benefits into consideration with its most popular drink? Today I got two freebies from Organic India at the local Co-Op; Red Mango and Sweet Rose, both caffeine free and containing Tulsi, a medicinal herb revered as "The Holy Basil" by the Hindus. (Tulsi is an adaptogenic herb, proven to support the body's immune system and relieve the negative effects of stress.) Sweet Rose had a strong sense of chamomile, but was just a tad sweeter. However,what really got me was the smell of the tea--a pleasant aroma of roses that lingered after I was done with tea for the night.
I'm really looking forward to Red Mango now!


The Chocolate Nerd said...

I just got a bodum brewer from the meatpacking district store in NY. But there was no loose tea in the entire shop! Instead, I found this really cool shop dedicated entirely to tea called Subtle Tea, on 121 Madison Ave, NY 10016, 212-481-4713. I got the most delicious Green Tea Blend of:sencha, gunpowder, min tue tea, chung mee, pai mu tan, lung ching, snow bud, pi lo chun, pinapple bits, strawberry, sunflower blossoms. LOL I have no idea what all of that stuff is , but it tastes awesome!!! :)

Laura said...

Real gunpowder? Isn't that dangerous? I thought that stuff would kill you.
The rest of it sounds wonderful, but gunpowder??


GTangerine said...

relax, peeps; it´s a name for a VERY high quality tea. Nerd: I need to hit that place! New York is cool.