Sunday, October 28, 2007

Completely Off-Topic - Parkour and Free Running

Yes, this is a complete lapse in topic consistency. Forgive me. But tea is a thing in a world of things, and two of those things are so awesome I have to give them some space alongside the hot mug that usually graces this blog. Those things are Parkour and Free Running.

Some people use the terms interchangeably; both, after all, can be found on Youtube as clips of incredibly brave individuals doing gymnastics in an urban environment. However, closer inspection shows a difference in style; Free Running is when they leap from roof to second-story-balcony-across-the-street, do triple wall-breakdance flips, and generally look scarily amazing. Parkour comes from the French term for 'obstacle course' and can be defined best as a training method to move efficiently and naturally and overcome obstacles; rolls, vaults, and rhythm are key points in the discipline. Both stemmed from what these two guys named Sabastien Foucan and David Belle did in Paris a while ago for fun with a couple of friends. However, I've been watching about a million videos, and then did some reading, and then watched some more videos, but tutorials this time--and I WANT TO DO THIS.

I'm a wimp though, so I'm just building up my stamina and reflexes for now, and practicing rolling on the soccer pitch because it's the most harmless move you can learn. I guess I caught the bug--or just poured another new cup of tea. We now return to your previously scheduled topic.

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CHEWY said...

Off-Topic for this comment I'm writing too.

I have to ask. Do you mean you use your laptop without the battery in it? I wasn't sure if I should try removing the battery and just plugging it in. When you have it plugged in, is the ring on the power cord amber or green?

CHEWY said...

You wanna do what? I prefer to watch... I'm off to YouTube.

Hollie said...

Awesomeness. I've been doing parkour for about two years now, and there still ain't many girls training. Good idea to get the strength up first. Good luck x