Sunday, March 18, 2007

Tazo Tea - stylish and sweet

Tazo has style, I`ll say that. The work of graphic designers with talent infused its packaging, labels, and Flash website, where a `read your tea leaves` sage spews nonsense that you wouldn`t even find on fortune cookies (Tonight I got, `believe it or not, you`re about to become a champion bass fisherman´) with panache. Even the flavor names are designed to accentuate some trippy folklore (African Red Bush, Mate Tropic). So...what about the taste? Well, I`ve yet to try the bottled juiced teas, but I`m looking forward to that Giant Peach green tea on my next Atlanta layover. Wild Sweet Orange, hot brewed, seemed a bit more like lemon & spice, but I give them credit for letting the citrus run free instead of smothering it in spices like many other orange-flavored teas do. This is a fun brand, perfect for internet cafes.


Rachel Rae said...

The ginger green is great. Some of the non green tazo's have a weird aftertaste. Happy to find a new tea blog!

The Chocolate Nerd said...

I really like Tazo teas. Think my favorite is Awake with milk and sugar. I also like to add a cup of brewed Passion to a pitcher of iced green tea. I've been into Tea Forte's tea pyramids recently. The Ginger is nice and strong and the packaging is so cool. They make great gifts.