Sunday, May 20, 2007

AriZona Canned Tea - Now I've Seen Everything

It was the Japanese who launched canned tea in 1981, and I still don't get the concept. Arizona Beverages' green tea was my gym partner today, and though it was too sweet compared to Tazo or Honest (the glass-bottled tea drinks I'm used to)it gives you lots of energy when cold, and can you beat the size of this thing? It's like a foot worth of tea for a buck. Awesome, except don't fool yourself; this might be closer to tea than Gatorade but it's still not tea. Yeah, and read more than the label because they sneak in HFCS every now and then.


Laura said...

This is an awesome blog! What a great idea to talk about tea!

My favorite tea is called "Breathe Easy" by Traditional Medicinals. Whenever I get a cold I just drink 2 cups to get a little relief.

Here's a link

Embarrassing to say, but the tea I drink most often...plain old, everyday Lipton.

Maybe I'll branch out a bit more now that I've read about all these great teas on your site.

GTangerine said...

wow, thanks for enjoying my blog so much!
I think I've had that one; colds are common in a New England childhood, as is , sadly, asthma. I really advise you to drop your Lipton intake; the only time I had it was at UVM when I had to stay there (Lipton has an agreement of sorts with the coca cola company which has the SOLE BEVERAGE CONTRACT for the entire campus) and I didn't finish it. It tasted like junk food--er, tea.
Please continue to enjoy and learn about tea.