Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tea Gear - well, it's your money

Tea accessories? Look at all of the stuff you WON'T be buying this summer if, like me, you plan to devote your cash to art supplies, a tennis racket, and learning to ollie properly.

Crafted in Kyoto, Japan, it can be yours for $45 from CooksShopHere.com.
If that's not enough for you, get some Chawans!
I remember Chawans from the video game Shenmue II, when Ryo has to secretly communicate with other martial artists in Hong Kong by arranging teacups in restaurants.

On the creepy side of things, there's a place on the net where you can buy a tea set, for $175, that seems to feature realistic human faces. Uh, OK. No, I'm fine...thanks.

The New York Botanical Garden made these lovely espresso spoons--but of course you can cheat and use them for tea. That goes double for their petal-saucer cups.

But above all, there is the Teashirt. It's actually a tea brewer by designer Eva Solo for people want the choice whether or not to have their tea with tannin. I don't get it, but it looks awesome! But does it remind anyone else of Kingdom Hearts?


SpacePirateFear said...

this is spacepiratefear from www.theeverydaygamer.blogspot.com

i dont care much for pong and i use the word gay to much. why would a tea blogger be on a game blog?

tea gear is gay

Laura said...

What is "ollie" and who would drink out of cups that look back at them?

GTangerine said...

skateboard trick, and God knows I wouldn't.

poker strategy said...

This is very nice. Many ways of drinking tea. :)

jane needs to make extra money said...

I love that tea cup, but really $45 is too much.

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