Thursday, July 3, 2008

My IGoogle Theme!

To tell you the truth, I only got an Igoogle (a personalized version of everyone's favorite search engine, thank you very much) for the Google Reader, which connects you to the latest posts at all your favorite blogs with one click. Then I got sucked into adding widgets--really, start and you can't stop--and before long I had not only the requisite date and time, but the weather in my immediate region and current hockey and science/technology news and statistics. But nothing sold me on making Igoogle my homepage as much as the sweet Tea House theme.
And what's not to love? Featuring an Asian-inspired temple landscape that changes dynamically in real time (the cute fox protagonist, depending on what time of day you check your page, can be found picking apples, washing laundry, having a picnic, looking through his telescope and more!), this theme might just make you forget what you wanted to Google in the first place!


Cakespy said...

That's my theme too! :-)

mobile credit card processing said...

I am so darn excited to use my new internet connection! I like to have this theme too!