Friday, July 25, 2008

ThrifTea - Trader Joe's teas

I don't need to tell you that food prices are climbing, I'm sure. Certainly, you're already worried enough about gas prices and keeping your house in what's being called the US's next economic recession. In times like these, hitting Starbucks daily or spending top dollar on admittedly fine brands like THEODOR seems self-destructive, but then again, a cup of tea does go a long way toward helping you relax. What's a thrifty drinker to do?
First of all, there's always your friendly neighborhood Trader Joe's. And before you think I've lost it, at least try the Ruby Red Chai and Pomegranate White Tea--guaranteed crowd-pleasers in my opinion. At $5 or under, these teas will be a balm to your soul, especially after a long and annoying day at work.
And while you're there, you might as well try these budget-shopping-and-cooking tips from Epicurious. I know I will!

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The Chocolate Nerd said...

Was thinking of you when I posted about the tea chocolate! You should get your hands on some!